How To Create Sweet Summer Effects in Photoshop ;)

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we last post anything in here. So today I’m gonna show you how to get summer effects tones in photoshop 🙂

Here We go! ^_^

First, drag in the photo (u want to edit) to Photoshop.

Create new adjustment layer and adjust the curve.

Create New fill layer and pick Solid Color.
Pick B55718 as new color fill.
Go to Blending Mode, choose Soft Light & set the opacity to 28%.

Next, create a new fill layer for gradient.
Set the gradient color to FBDDA9.
Adjust the gradient angle to -120 to create the sun effect.
In the same layer, go to Blending mode, set it to Screen mode with 78% of opacity.

Create another new layer for Selective color.
In this step, you can adjust the percentage of color according to how you want your photo to look like in the final touch. As in this photo, i chose Neutral mode and set the numbers as per shown below.

Create another New Fill Layer.
Pick Solid- this time set the color to 84DBE3.
Set it to Soft Light mode and set the opacity to 17%.

Again, adjust the curve & create another New Fill layer.
Go to this Solid color- FCD0B5( but anyway,you can always adjust the color fill that suit your photo well  & it’s not necessary to follow my color pick 😉 )

Now, flatten the image .

Unlock the layer and duplicate it.

After you duplicate the layer, go to Filter and pick Gaussian Blur.
Set the Radius to 27%.

Finally,in that layer, Go to Blending Mode and set it to Soft Light .
Adjust the opacity to 50%.

Now this is how it looks like in the final touch. 😉

P/S: you might as well want to download the photoshop actions in deviantart.com to make your editing easier. This is just a simple example of how I edit mine.


Create ur own shaped bokeh ^^

Hello! here’s how we can create our very own shaped bokeh. ^^
U’ll need :
*Sugar paper
*Sellotape & scissor
*Large aperture lens ( i am using a Canon 50mm 1.8 )

First, u’ll have to cut the sugar paper into the shape of a lens hood.Make it slightly bigger than your lens to make sure it fits your lens easily.

Next, cut the shape u preferred (to appear as ur shaped bokeh, for e.g; heart,star,plane and etc.) at middle of the “fake lens” u did just now.
I don’t have the accurate diameter of the shape cut out but it will definitely give u different results in ur bokeh later. In my earliest experiment, my shape cut out were too big and the outcome was not so pretty so i made some new shape and make em’ slightly smaller. I preferred to do the shape cut out manually by hand but u can also use decorative punch to save time 🙂 So once it’s done, this is how your “fake lens” gonna look like .

Last but not least, u can now have ur very own cool bokeh shoot. And oh, remember to set your camera to it’s lowest aperture value. Below are some of my shaped bokeh photos. Happy trying! ^^


Coming Soon: How to create shaped bokeh :)

Hey ho peeps !^^
Ever wonder how they did shaped-bokeh without using filter?

It’ll be in our next tutorial. Stay tuned 🙂


Manga: Part 2

Hello peeps.  Here’s the 2nd part, sorry again, for the delay 😀

1. Balancing Heads & Bodies* The upside down triangle as shown above is the basic base to get the proportion of  a bishoujo (female character).  But, it is depends on us on how we want to appeal each character. ^^

2. Bending Bodies

* The center line of the body is a straight line.  But if your character appear to be in bending pose, the straight line should be bend into the letter S. It same goes to any other pose. The center line and the horizontal line will help u to get the position (of spine & body) of your character.


3. Drawing Breast


* Drawing breast is important especially for the bishoujo. However, there are variety of sizes and shapes for breast and it depends on the individual preferences, but the base is still the same. 


* Take note that there’s a differences in drawing an adult and child. If we don’t want our child character to be too voluptuous, then reduce the flesh on the bust and buttock. Same goes to an adult character, to make it even realistic and look more womanly , we can add the volume  of the bust and the buttock line.

4. Examples

*  This is some example of male character. Even if u draw a character with clothes on, you still need to start it from the basic base.

* See how the center lines helps us to get a better proportion of our character.* Just like the previous bishoujo examples, if you’re drawing a bishounen (male character), and would like them to look muscular, all you have to do is to add some volume to their flesh and body part.


5. Example II: YUKARI! ^^

Ok, this is just an example. Always remember that each character,or object start with a rough sketch! 😀 It does not have to be perfect but as long we follow the flow and basic base, we can surely make a nice manga character ( of course, through lots of practices too) ! ^^

* My drawing is not  good and even quite messy, but peeps, i’m glad to share this! ^^ Kudos to Hikari Hayashi for providing a lot of drawing skills in her books which has been my best friend since im 16 ^^

Last but not least, enjoice!




Manga: Part 1

Hey peeps! As promised, this is the Part 1 of Manga style drawing. 😀

1.Center Lines

The basic of drawing faces is to first draw the center lines.The center lines acts as a guideline when drawing the position of nose, eyes, ears and etc. We can either start drawing faces with a circle and draw a + cross inside it and start shaping face. The vertical line could be an alignment of the chin with the bottom of the nose.

Why is the center lines important?

It balance the position of eyes, nose & etc

-It balance the the mood of a character (vertical & horizontal center line)

*The position of lips, eyes, or nose itself could resembles different moods of our character. For example, the position of lips at the center of vertical line would give the illusion of soft and normal mood. When we try switching the lips to the the right, the normal mood would change to  a smirking face.


The image above shows the step to draw jawbones.

Image 1: Basically known as a jawline.

Notice the differences between image 2 & 3? The key to draw a nice jaw is to draw the neckline inside of the jaw. When we draw the neck outside of the jaw, the neck will look rather thick.


Do not mistake the chin line with jawline as it might look slightly the same. The chin line is a connection of throat and neck, while the jawline is a line which connected to the ears.


There are many ways to draw manga style eyes.  Even the manga’s pros said that they’d spend time on researching how to make an appealing eyes. This is one of the way how we can draw manga style eyes.

Thus, eyes expression play an important role as to express the emotion of a character.


The differences of eyelids type would shows the differences between characters. These are the two types of eyelids:

6. Shutting Eyes

When we draw the process of shutting eyes, we can see the changing eyes wrinkles  before it shut completely. It depends on the eyelids anyway, if the character has a single eyelids, then the upper eyes wrinkle might not be needed like the image above. But if the character has a double eyelids, then the example as shown as image above is how the shutting eyes process goes.

So it’s the end of part 1. 🙂 Please be noted that I’m referring to my all time fav book, How To Draw Manga when i do this tutorial. Till then, I’ll see you very soon for the Part 2 tutorial. Have a good day 🙂


Coming Soon: How to Draw Manga

In the next tutorial, i will share on how to draw manga. This might divided to numbers of part including:-


Drawing Faces


How to Draw Eyes


Balancing Head and Bodies



High & Low angles


Manga / Anime

Ever since a kid, i spent most of my time drawing. Sometimes it turns out ok, and sometime it turns out sucks. I am the kind of student whose being punished by my teacher since my primary 3 for the crime of sketching my exercise book, here and there :p
Now let my share with you that hobby of mine. I love animes, and i read japanese manga since the age of 8. I remember the first comic that i hold in my hand was Dragon Ball. There’s a few more names that has become my favourite and i still keep it till today. One of my favourite anime today, is Maid-Sama, and i would like to share some sketches of that anime. 🙂

Our manga drawing would’ve been much nicer if we use the specified Tachikawa Manga pen after the sketching which the nib is capable of drawing lines  precisely on pressure applied.

Guess what, i am going to share you how to draw manga/anime in the next tutorial. Starting from the faces, until body structures. So stay tune 🙂

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